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Andrey Balabasov. Water nymph


Андрей Балабасов

I am living in a little town in west Germany which is placed by the 'Sieg'. The 'Sieg' – a river, the right tributary of the Rhine – is very twisted and pretty much unnavigable. There are some beautiful and long bicycle paths alongside it's scenic bank, where we, me and my family, love to spend our time riding bikes.
During one of our bike rides we had to cross the 'Sieg' to get to the other side, the path led over a railway bridge and we stopped to take a look at the river from above. That, what I have seen there, changed me. The water was transparent, but you could not see the bottom and there were many thick algae, which formed a remarkable, unique and just simply beautiful picture.

Do you know what is going on in the head of a wedding photographer? Not during a photoshooting, no, but in general, while living the normal life? He always tries to build in a bride in every picture.

The same thing happened here. Already the next day me and my team were at that spot of the river: bride, make-up artist, photographer, two assistants and two folding iron stools. I should say that the depth of the water was about a half meter, the bottom was silty and slick, a powerful stream and rain that came out of nowhere, all that surely complicated our job. But we were able to accomplish it.

While my two assistants 'put' the bride on two stools in the water, so you could not see those from the top, I went up on the bridge and took the picture from above with my hands elongated as far as possible while bending over the handrail.

I only had enough time for a few pictures. Our bride, balancing on two small stools, had to fight the strong stream and the huge raindrops and soon found herself submerged. The depth was not dangerous but the hair and make-up were totally spoiled. The rain intensified and we decided to call it a day.

Shot's parameters: F 35 mm, f 3.2, 1/250 sec, ISO 500
Equipment: Camera - Canon 5D Mark 2.
There was a little correction on colour and contrast and also a small framing with Photoshop.

Photographer: Andrey Balabasov
Slylist & Makeup: Natascha Feist
Model: Kristina Straub

 Андрей Балабасов Андрей Балабасов

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